My First Freebie Auction: 12 Points - My Coke Rewards (4 Codes from 2 Liter, 3pts each)

After my previous post about Listia, I decided it was time to list my first auction. After all, you can earn an additional 50 credits for listing an item!

Since I am still new to posting auctions on Listia, I thought I'd try a simple auction that really didn't require me to physically mail anything. Since I am an avid user of I decided the best virtual freebie I could post for the time being are Coke Rewards points.

If you're interested in bidding on my auction, it's really simple:
  1. Join Listia, if you're not already a member! New members will receive up to 1200 credits, without posting an auction: 1000 credits for signing up, 100 credits for linking your Facebook account, and 100 credits for linking your Twitter account!
  2. Visit my auction page: 12 Points - My Coke Rewards (4 Codes from 2 Liter, 3pts each) and place a maximum bid!
  3. Add the auction to your watch list so you can keep an eye on it. There is a button to do this right on the auction page above my name.
The best way to find ideas for your own first auction is to scan the current auctions.  I've seen things such as stamps, coins, seeds, and collector's cards, which can all be sent for the price of a first class stamp.  If you decide you want to offer free shipping on larger items, check out flat rate shipping.  The boxes are free!

*I am in no way associated with or Coca Cola products, other than being a big fan and loving their products!

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