Free Sample of Daily Bread Freeze Dried Food

A quick excerpt from the Daily Bread website about their product:

Daily Bread Solutions
  • 25+ year shelf life
  • Compact and stores easily
  • Quick preparation (10 minutes average)
  • Gourmet taste
  • Affordable and efficient
Nothing beats trying it for yourself! Request a free sample of Daily Bread freeze dried food!  Click on the Try It FREE! button at the top of the page to go to the request form.

I've read on their website it was originally produced for the US Military and NASA.  As someone who has tried military rations (MREs), I can tell you that I'm curious about what they mean by gourmet taste.  Just by looking at the photos on the Daily Bread website I can see that they in no way resemble the rations I have tried.  So, my interest is certainly piqued!

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