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People are usually amazed to discover that I do not subscribe to any cable or satellite service, whatsoever.  I suppose the fact that I have four kids, three of whom are teens, makes them wonder how I get away with it.

These days, if my children want to watch television, they can simply go online and watch past episodes of their favorite TV shows.  There are many legitimate websites, like and the various television network websites like NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and more.

Older movies have been made available online by websites such as Hulu.  Sometimes free video content and even movies are available online at Video on Demand.

When I want to watch a free TV show or movie that's available online or on cable with my entire family, I simply hook my laptop to my TV.  See the video below for a brief overview.  >>

An Inexpensive Option

Before I did away with my cable subscription, I came to the important realization that I was paying a very high cable bill each month, mostly for the ability to watch the movie channels.  I decided to simply invest in owning my favorite movies and rent the new ones that I wanted to see.

In the past year I did add one subscription service to my monthly budget, Netflix(Update: I recently added Hulu Plus to my Roku.  It's awesome!  Check it out!) I save money each month by paying a low, flat rate to watch movies and TV shows online via my Roku box plus, I save money on my DVD rentals.  If you're a movie buff, like me, you might want to check out how Netflix works. As an added bonus, the Roku box offers the ability to watch Amazon Video on Demand rentals on your TV, as well as, some new, free channels.

Besides the PC and the Roku box, Netflix Watch Instantly movies and shows are available via the Xbox 360, PS3, TiVo, and many other devices. 

More Free Stuff.

As many of you already know, I frequently use my Swagbucks to get Free eGift Cards, which I, in turn, use to get more cool free stuff.  Sometimes, I use the credit for Amazon Video on Demand to watch free movies on my Roku box. Other times I save up the free gift card money to get larger items.  Check out the Roku box [SD], [HD], or [HD-XR] on

I thought I'd add a quick disclaimer. I am not an affiliate of Netflix or Roku. I truly enjoy both services and find them to be great low cost options to cable.

I am, however, an affiliate of and equally enjoy Amazon's services and products. Feel free to take what you need from this article and leave what you do not.

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