Do you get paid to Squidoo? I do!

It's been a few months now since I first created my lenses at Squidoo. (FYI: A lens is basically a webpage.)  To be exact, I've created only three (3) lenses, so far.  So, my checks are nothing major but, they prove that it DOES work.  All I have to do now is multiply my efforts!

I've been testing it out before going all out to see what the earnings are like.  For my meager three lenses, I'm impressed. 

I donate 10% of my monthly earnings to the Squidoo Charity Fund, which is completely optional.  For my three lenses I received $21.38 this month, before my donation was deducted. Those earnings are actually for 10/01/2009 to 10/31/2009.

I'm impressed because, besides the initial setup, those lenses actually take very little time to maintain.  Most lenses don't change very much from week to week so, your need to update will vary.  I update two to three times per week to update links and Tweet/Squidcast updates.  Feel free to check out my profile on Squidoo and visit my three lenses!

A quick bit of info:
  • Squidoo is a user generated content site. The webpages are called lenses. Make one for yourself! It's super easy!
  • Some people use Squidoo lenses to get free traffic for their blog, website, or product pages, as squidoo pages seem to do pretty well on Google.
  • A number of the Lensmasters that I have read about in Squidoo's forums (SquidU) make a decent amount of money on Squidoo by multiplying their efforts, lots of lenses, plus affiliate links, etc.  Of course, this is only one stream of income for most, as many lensemasters do have blogs.
  • Squidoo pays it's lensemasters each month, according to the ranking of their lenses.  A tier system is in place so that, as an example, lens #20 receives the same pay - all things being equal - as lens #100. Therefore, lenses are not paid on their own traffic but rather from a pool that is divided into groups, as far as ranking goes. 
  • There are lenses that earn no money.  We'll call these the least visible lenses, as their rank is extremely low and unlikely to really contribute to the income pool.
  • All of the information related to how Squidoo pays it's lensemasters is freely available in Squidoo's Lensemaster Payment FAQ.
If you're interested in trying out Squidoo, it's absolutely free, totally fun, and lenses are easy to make!  Sign up and create a lens in one step. Then, read and/or post on the forums and check out the other great resources at SquidU to learn more. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.


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