The Best Gift for Your Avid Gamer: Gamefly

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As the mother of four avid gamers - five, if you count my husband - my Christmas list each year consists of quite a few games.  Each year, my kids want the newest game, as it comes out.  And, as any parent of an avid gamer will tell you, new game titles aren't cheap and the prices seem to go up each year.

Regardless of whether I am purchasing games for Christmas or a birthday, it always seems to go the same way.  First, I scramble to get a new game before it's sold out, sometimes by paying a small fee to pre-order the game.  Then, I pay the most that the game will ever cost, only to see it cheaper in stores like Wal-mart once the craze dies down.  But, before the craze can even die down, my avid gamers finish the game, often over a single weekend!

Instead of continuing the madness, I've been looking into Gamefly!  Basically, Gamefly is a game rental service much like Blockbuster but, with a rental plan more akin to Netflix!

Unlimited Video Game Rentals - Start Now!

Here's how it works:
  1. Gamefly members create a list of games they want to play.
  2. Gamefly will mail out the first game(s) to the member, according to their membership plan 1 or 2 game(s) out. Gamefly members can keep the games out as long as they want to!  No late fees, ever!
  3. When they're ready, the member returns the game(s). 
  4. Once Gamefly receives a game that has been returned by a member, the next game on the member's list is sent out.
Gamefly members can cancel anytime.  There are no contracts.  Plus, members who have been with Gamefly for three months or more can trade-in used games for credit towards membership fees!

To top it all off, if a member really wants to own a title, they can purchase it from the Gamefly store!

Now you can even,  Give The Gift of Games With a GameFly™ Gift Certificate! The perfect gift for that avid gamer you love so much!

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